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The Profile you're looking at is an animal lover, doctor by profession and a national level badminton player. I'm basically from Bangalore and working as a dentist in a private hospital. I want to open my own clinic. I love animals. I have a dog whose name is Jony. When I was a kid I wanted a dog for so long and I turned 7 years old my parents got me Jony as my birthday present. I love him the most in the world. I spent my whole childhood with Jony playing games with him, taking him out for a walk, feeding him and even sleeping beside him. They love me as Bangalore call girl much as I do.

I believe that animal is an incredibly pure form of love. they would always protect you before them. I always wanted to be a doctor as my mom and dad both are doctors. In my family most of the members area unit doctors. I want someone from my profession so that we can understand each other better. If a person is not from the same profession still I can think about going further if you have a good sense of humour because I feel guys must know how to make their woman laugh. Bangalore call girl is my passion and requirement for my survival.

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I want someone who helps me with all my work. I’m looking for someone who is excited about life and who is career - oriented. If you’re a sucker for action movie then we already have our first date planned out. I love getting to know my customers in a romantic dinner in one of the best restaurants in the city. I am very attentive to my diet. And for this reason, I hate fast food and pizzas. I will amaze you with my charm and charisma, I dress for every occasion, with sexy lingerie, heels, and jewels. You will never forget this evening, I assure you as my Bangalore call girl skills.

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